Time Capsule, Pt. 1

Hey there, Israel here.

A few weeks ago I read a study for class published in 1985 about the top 25 health-promoting behaviors as reported by 1000+ physicians in Maryland. Among these, eliminating cigarette smoking was the top health-promoting behavior and taking vitamin supplements came in last (say what). When I perused the list (I’ll post the link to the article below in case you’d be interested in reading it), my first thought was “Wow, times have definitely changed.” Cigarette smoking isn’t as popular as it used to be (albeit, other forms of smoking have taken over) and I figured there’s no way that physicians today would list this as the top health-promoting behavior…or maybe they will, who knows.

And so this article inspired me to start a sort-of “time capsule” of what I think my top 10 health promoting behaviors would be. This list is in no way supported by research, or expertise, or anything that would warrant this a reputable source lol. Just a jotting down of my thoughts. My intentions are to write a new top 10 at the end of every year in medical school, to see if my perceptions change as my knowledge base grows. As of now, I know nothing. Lol. I’m not kidding. Ha ha…hmmm.

Without further ado, here are my ideas:

  1. Work yo body out
  2. Eat yo veggies
  3. Don’t get hooked on drugs
  4. Eat healthy sugars (aka more fruits, less candy)
  5. Get yo mind and spirit right (actually, this might be higher on the list…)
  6. Limit stress! (coming from a medical student, lol)
  7. Don’t eat too much junk food (my 5th grade self should’ve died from all the hot sausages and hot Cheetos I ate back then, yuck)
  8. Avoid environmental pollutants (ooh that sounded kinda smart)
  9. Have safe sex (this is probably biased because South Florida has extremely high rates of STI’s, so perhaps physicians in other areas wouldn’t consider this)
  10. Go to the doctor (interesting that this is last, hmm)

Voila! My list. In order. Not backed by any research whatsoever. Just thought it’d be interesting. Feel free to leave your top 10 in the comments below or drop your thoughts.

Until next time!

Peace & love (& health & wealth & long life),

“The I.T. Factor”

Future Badass MD.

P.S. Isn’t the featured image just perfect?! Fruits..veggies..Olympics 2016…gahh so great

Link to article: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1646462/pdf/amjph00288-0071.pdf



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