A list of things I’ve learned about Israel (and experienced) that I think are great examples for any country around the world (including my own):

  1. Universal healthcare: everyone in Israel has access to basic healthcare AND medications. Children don’t present to the emergency room with asthma attacks, for example, because their parents cannot afford medication (unfortunately, in Miami at least, many use the ER as primary care due to overwhelming barriers to healthcare). Capitalism has covered every aspect of our American lives; health shouldn’t be one of them.
  2. Israeli hospitals have brought in Syrian refugees and treated them, free of charge, free of obligation. Because human beings are human beings are human beings.
  3. Medical records are consolidated, from school health records to hospital records. Continuity of care.
  4. Immunization coverage is incredible. Read as: 95% incredible.
  5. To be able to purchase a gun, citizens must have good reason (e.g. must live in certain high-risk areas) and see a mental health professional beforehand.
  6. Crimes liked armed robbery are virtually non-existent. Re: #5.
  7. I’ve seen Jewish physicians treat Muslim, Jewish, and Christian children all alike. Because again, human beings are human beings are human beings.
  8. Israel’s largest budget is in Education, not Defense.

Of course no one country is perfect, every region has its complications and special considerations and issues. But these were a few fun facts that I found pretty incredible. (If I re-discover any others I’ll make sure to add them).


Peace & love (& humanity & experience & the star of David),

The I.T. Factor

Future Badass MD.

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