Learner by day. Dancer by night.

Last night I did something pretty fun.

Most of you already know that I love love love to dance. It’s probably my greatest passion outside of medicine. And at the beginning of second year, amidst all the horror stories and words of advice, I made a vow to myself that I’d pick back up on my first love; to use it to push me through the -toughest- school year I’d ever have. So, I led a dance workshop for my fellow med-school peers. I was so (happily) surprised that I had a class full of energies ready to learn and enjoy the freedom of movement, even if just for an hour and a half.

I’m no instructor by any means or merit, but it felt good putting myself out there and bringing along my classmates to this crazy fun world of dance.
Thanks to everyone who came out. I had a blast. Y’all are the bomb.

Check me out below:


Peace & love (& lemons & Rih Rih & sweat),

The I.T. Factor

Future Badass MD.

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