🌸Flashback Friday🌸

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 10.11.34 AM.png

September 2013, during my sophomore year of undergrad, my mom sent a birthday card written out to “Dr. Israel Taylor”. Just barely out of my teenage years, I had no idea I’d actually make it to medical school— just a heart full of hope and the desire to achieve.
5 years later (just this week), my first patient referred to me as Dr. Taylor, even though I make it very clear that I’m only a third year and have yet to have earned that title 😂. But it reminded me of this and helped me remember how far I’ve come.
I complain and whine and vent all the time, and only rarely do I express how much I actually love what I’m doing and learning. I walk through the hospital doors at 7am every morning and encounter smiling faces, cheerful “goodmorning”s, and the willingness of my patients to talk and share their stories with me. The gratitude expressed when they leave healthier than they arrived (which isn’t always the case, unfortunately) has made this whole journey worthwhile.
My first block of Internal Medicine is almost over! I’m so thankful for this opportunity to heal and be of help, and look forward to all the things 3rd year has to offer.

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