Interview Season– 10 Tips for the Big Day!

Whoot Whoot! Shoutout to another faithful follower of my blog (bless you πŸ™πŸΎ) who reached out and asked for advice on medical school interviews. Here go 10 tips & tricks for remaining confident on interview day & doing your very best!

1. Everything on your application is fair game. Be prepared to talk about anything you may have been involved in, any lapses in school/test performance, etc. If you have “space-filler” extracurriculars, make sure to have something valuable to say about them. Also keep in mind, you want to be honest about any experiences that weren’t your favorite, but also…
2. Turn any negatives into a positive. There’s always a way to chalk up an experience to things you learned, or how you grew from it. Never let a conversation end with a sense of negativity in the air!
3. Be yourself! Goes without saying, but it can be hard to balance how you really feel vs what you think they want to hear (the latter is never the answer, btw). Be truthful and you find that you’ll have more to say.
4. Delivery is everything. I always say that it’s not what you say, but how you say it. In this case, it’s partly both lol, but how you deliver is just as important as what you deliver, so keep that in mind. Which leads into…
5. Practice! Team up with a friend, a mentor, a parent, and practice answering the big questions. For example you’ll probably get “why medicine?” at least once during your interview season. Questions like this can trip someone up if they haven’t thought of an answer beforehand. You don’t want to sound rehearsed, so I wouldn’t necessarily memorize an answer, but have bullet points for questions like this so you know what you want to cover. (Other pretty generic questions include hurdles you’ve overcome, greatest accomplishments, etc. You can google some of these pretty easily).
6. Don’t feel rushed to answer a question. There will be questions that you’ve perhaps never been asked before. Don’t fret! If you need a little time to think, take it. It’s okay. You don’t want to ramble and trip over your words. (But be careful not to sit in silence for too too long haha).
7. Be early. It’ll take some (read as: much) of your anxiety away if you’re not running late. And of course, always show up well-groomed πŸ™‚ First impressions are often last impressions. It may be smart to even find your destination the day before so you know where you need to be the morning of.
8. A piece of advice that actually came in great handy during my interview season was to be up-to-date on something in the field. It can be anything, really. If there’s a popular new treatment on the market, or a recent disease outbreak, know about it and have an opinion on it. Knowledge of current events shows you’re invested and interested in being a part of the wondrous world of medicine.
9. Give them a sense of who you are and what’s important to you. Passion really shines through.
10. Lastly, ask questions! If there’s something particular about a program you want to know, be sure to ask and see what the program can offer you as an individual. A good rule of thumb is to always come prepared with at least two questions– one more broad that you can ask at every interview, and another specific to that university. This is the best way to figure out your “fit” within a medical program, and to see if your interests align. (feel free to ask even more while you’re at it!)
If you can think of any unique medical school interivew tips, feel free to drop them in the comment box for future readers πŸ™‚
Best of luck to all interviewees! You’ll rock it!
Peace & love (& small talk & posture & teeth-chattering anxiety),
The I.T. Factor
Future Badass MD.




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