Surgery: A Day In The Life

20181112-IMG_59584:25am: *alarm goes off* Ugh nooo. *hits snooze*

4:38: *second alarm* Who needs 20 min to get ready? Not me. *closes eyes*

4:50: Shcsxnoefvnc dang it! *hops out of bed, brushes teeth, hopes to be out by 5am*

5a: Still in house. Oh well, I’ll speed. They won’t ticket me with my white coat on.

5:10: Actually leaves house. Not too shabby.

5:22: Psht, I don’t need coffee. Resist the temptation.

5:28: Barely keeping eyes open on road. Must. Have. Caffeine.

5:35: “One French vanilla iced coffee please, no sugar.”

5:40: Drinks coffee. Yuck…I should’ve gotten sugar.

5:58: *Arrives at hospital two min before I wanted, yesssss. Small wins.

6:06-6:39: Frantically tries to update patient list before rounds at 6:45.

6:40: Why am I still sleepy? Cmonnnn coffeeee, kick in alreadyyyy….

6:42: Caffeine high. I’m on top of the world. No one can stop me now.

6:45-7:20: Surgery rounds. Ask every patient: have you pooped? Peed? Passed gas? Walked? Check. Next.

7:30: Students meet at surgery board to see the day’s schedule. Classmate 1: “I’ll scrub into the…” Damnit, that’s the one I wanted to see. Oh well, next time. *Speaks up* Gets second choice. Coffee still riding high. It’ll be a good day.

7:45: Walks into OR 7. Greets crowd. “Hey everyone! I’m Israel, the (lowly) medical student.”

7:50: *scrubs in.* Tries not to touch anything. Walking extremely slowly. Holding breath. Scrub tech: “ Israel go to the other side of the table” Gahhh the pressure! Don’t touch anything, don’t touch anything, don’t’ touch anything…Makes it to other side untouched. What a gal.

7:54: Surgery actually begins. Maybe I’ll be able to hold an instrument today…

8:30: Still no instrument holding. It’s all good. My time will come.

9:00a: Tech: “Hold this.” Yes! My time to shine baby!

9:20: Okay now my arm’s tired.

9:30: Asks question I already know the answer to to foster conversation and forget my feet are hurting.

10:00: Asks question I don’t know the answer to. Probably sound like an idiot. That’s fine.

10:40:…how long have I been in here? Am I still breathing? What is the meaning of life?

10:50: I should’ve eaten something. *squeezes calves * *moves legs around* Feet don’t fail me now.

11:00am: Recognizes relevant anatomy. Ahhh wow this is cool! So that’s what the spleen looks like? Righteous. Maybe I will be a surgeon one day.

11:03: Back aches. Face itches. Can’t scratch it. Okay maybe I won’t.

11:05: Surgeon: “call the next patient back.” Yesss, almost done.

11:15: Okay NOW almost done. *Closes up one incision * Takes forever but looks good. I’m a boss. Maybe I will be a surgeon. “Thank you everyone!” Walks away feeling good about contribution to patient care.

11:30: FOOOOOOOOOD. Finally!

12:00pm: My body hates me. How can I make my body not hate me?

12:02-12:12: Puts on headphones. Much-needed 10 min meditation podcast.

12:13: Incoming text from Resident: “Meet me at patient room. We need to change his dressing.”

12:15-12:22: Feels bad for ripping tape off of patient’s sore incision. Puts on new bandage. Finishes up. All good. “Thank you for your patience.”

12:25-12:50: Wow  I need coffee but I won’t this time. I mean it.

1:00pm: Clinic! Actually about to talk to patients. Woohoooooooooooo real conscious human contact

1:30: Takes patient history on my own. Tells joke. Patient laughs. Success.

2:00pm Patient 2 tells inappropriate joke. Gives forced laugh and changes conversation back to patient’s leg pain.

3-3:30: Wrapping up the day with the attending surgeon. Casual convo. Questions and answers.

3:30-4:00: Updates patient list. Adds new patients. Tries not to ask when I’m allowed to go home now that all tasks are done.

4:02: Incoming text: “Plan for tomorrow is xyz…feel free to head out now.”

4:03: Yayyyy. How will I treat myself for all the work I did today? I know! Browniessss.

4:30-5:30: *stops at gym so I don’t feel guilty about these brownies I’m having later”

5:30-8:30: Shower, eat dinner, bake, maybe do a few *cough* 2 *cough* practice questions

8:35: Sets alarm for tomorrow.

8:36pm: LIGHTS OUT.

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