Questions your medical student dreads during Thanksgiving dinner:

How is medical school?

I never really know what the expected answer is here, lol. Everything is everything.

 How are your grades?

What matters is we have our health.

Which specialty are you choosing?

I can honestly appreciate the curiosity but be aware that (dare I say) most medical students will change their minds before residency comes around, and many many others are in an exploratory phase (like myself). The clinical years can play a huge role in what field a given student will pursue. Nothing is as it seems until you experience it firsthand. So, unless said student has submitted their residency application already, try not to be too disappointed if you don’t get a straight answer (or one at all).

You really don’t know what you want to do?

Now you’re just being pushy and offensive.

You still haven’t graduated yet? You’ve been in school forever.

*Sigh* I’m waiting for it just as you are, trust me.

So why’d you choose medicine?

Please, no interview questions. Pleaseeeeee. I’m just trying to eat this mac and cheese.

Questions you’re more than welcome to ask:

  1. How are you doing?
  2. Can I send you some food?
  3. Can I send you some money?

Hehe, all in all, I’m very open to answering questions about my school experience and although I’m being a bit silly here, answering the same questions ten times at a family function gets exhausting. If you want a genuine conversation, we can sit aside and explore all the incredible, challenging, and philosophical encounters I’ve had during these past three years. But if what you want is small talk, let’s stick to talking about the weather.

Love yaaaaaaaa & Happy Holidays!

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