Family Medicine: A Day In The Life

6:30am: *alarm sounds* Wow…what kinda dream was that

6:38-6:55: Journal, meditate, and prayer routine

7:17: SoFlo traffic, I’m ready for ya

7:18-8:20: Switch between NPR, Plies Spotify radio, and some random podcast that teaches me a new language or makes me laugh

8:35: Finally made it to the offie. Interviews first patient of the day…Oh God, she’s upset. Deflect, deflect, deflect. It’s too early for this. I shouldn’t have skipped coffee today.

8:40a-12:10pm: Patients back to back. Most visits aren’t like the first. In between, writing patient notes on wellness exams, diarrhea, asthma exacerbations, maybe a common cold. Update medication lists. Rinse and repeat. 

12:11-12:59: Decompressssssss. Packed a salad for lunch today. Arugula, kale, red onion, tomato, topped with bbq shredded chicken. Ugh so good! Finish it off with a mandarin. Reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. Love this lady. I am her, she is me. 

1pm: Gotta snap back into reality. Game face, only a few more hours. 

1:15pm: done with first patient of the afternoon. Checks schedule. Last appointment today is at 3:15, not too bad. I’ll just barely miss traffic. 

2:20: checks schedule again…4pm emergency added. Hmmm…yeah never mind. 

2:55: anomaly of the day. Discuss with attending, what’s the differential, what labs should we order. Takes mental note to read up later. 

4:30: Finishing up the last note…push through push through. Give your best until the…very…end.

4:32: Note signed. Day is done! I feel good today. I tried my best. And didn’t mess up the note. 

4:40-6pm: I’m sleepy. This stupid traffic. Omg. Omg. Omg. 

6:10pm: Debating whether or not to take this workout class. Israel you’re so tired, you deserve a break. But Israel it’ll make you feel better. But first it’ll make you feel worse. But…*pulls up to gym* when’d I get here…ugh, might as well.

6:30-8pm: Hell. 

8:30-9: Shower, dinner, Netflix, practice questions. 

11pm: Lights out. 

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