Internal Medicine: A Day In The Life

6:30am: *alarm* shower, brush teeth, get to hospital while watching the sun rise. 

6:30-7:50: visit patient rooms, asks about their stay so far. Any new meds? How is your pain today? What can I do for you? Stick around for a story or two. Update list and rush back for…

8:30-9:30: Intern report. An internist’s favorite game (and one of mine, admittedly): Someone presents a case from the very beginning. Step by step (Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness, Past Medical History, and so on) we formulate possible diagnoses, review pathophysiology, and ask questions. It’s really an engaging exercise and so valuable to participate in as a student. 

9:35: Back to work. 

9:40-11:45: Rounds with the attending. (All of my attendings have been so fun to work with, I must say). They ask probing questions, offer guidance and correct when appropriate. 

12-1pm: Lunch/Afternoon report. Sits through lecture on a random topic: today, Heart Failure.

1-2pm: See new patients. History and physical. Consult specialists. Manage chronic conditions. Develop plan of care. 

2-4pm: Radiology! Review imaging with radiologists in the dark forbidden room. What do you see? Why do you say that? How does this fit into the clinical picture?

4-5: Return to resident team. Finish up notes. 

5-5:45: Traffic. Again. Bumping some tunes. Tired but what’s new. 

6-6:30: 9Round workout! Quick, fun, exhaustingggg. 

7:20: Cook dinner. Wow I need some fun in my life.

8:10: Eats dinner. But who has the time?

8:30: Practice questions, read a chapter in study book, maybe write a blog post 😉

10:01: Sleeeeeep

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