Women’s Rights are Human Rights

  1. As of June 2019, 9 states have passed early abortion laws, including Alabama where it is now illegal to obtain an abortion at any time during pregnancy, except if the woman’s health is at serious risk. Laws like these are slowly taking away women’s rights to make decisions about their own bodies.

2. Rather than comply with the current administration’s rules regarding abortion counseling, Planned Parenthood is leaving the federal Title X program. New rules state that Title X grantees are not allowed to provide abortion information nor refer patients for abortion services. Today, 1.5 million Americans rely on this funding to receive affordable medical care at Planned Parenthood, including but not limited to STD testing, contraceptive services, and routine wellness visits for men and women alike. Gag rules like these interfere with what should be an open, honest doctor-patient relationship. Withholding such information misleads patients, and ultimately puts their health at risk.

3. A recent study on mifepristone, the most widely used pill for pregnancy termination, reveals that there are no medical risks to increasing accessibility to such drug. However, the FDA continues to impose rules that prevent it from being stocked and sold in pharmacies, likely due to political reasons. Removing this dispensing restriction is one of many ways to improve access to early abortion, and allows women to take control of their health and their bodies. #WhatDoUStandFor

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