Family Medicine: A Day In The Life

6:30am: *alarm sounds* Wow...what kinda dream was that 6:38-6:55: Journal, meditate, and prayer routine 7:17: SoFlo traffic, I’m ready for ya 7:18-8:20: Switch between NPR, Plies Spotify radio, and some random podcast that teaches me a new language or makes me laugh 8:35: Finally made it to the offie. Interviews first patient of the day...Oh… Continue reading Family Medicine: A Day In The Life

The Scoop: Medicine & Nursing

What's the difference? IS there a difference? Are nursing school and medical school part of the same program? These are some of the questions I've encountered and figured would be prime content for it's own dedicated blog post. I've partnered up with my friend and fellow healthcare professional, RNoire, to answer some of your questions.… Continue reading The Scoop: Medicine & Nursing

Questions your medical student dreads during Thanksgiving dinner:

How is medical school? I never really know what the expected answer is here, lol. Everything is everything.  How are your grades? What matters is we have our health. Which specialty are you choosing? I can honestly appreciate the curiosity but be aware that (dare I say) most medical students will change their minds before… Continue reading Questions your medical student dreads during Thanksgiving dinner:

Lita’s Flowers

I took these pictures in my abuelita’s garden a couple months ago. And as I reflect, they remind me of something very important. In this social media age, there’s an unspoken race to have the best, do the most, and travel the world— frequently and lavishly. Along with the beautiful side of international travel— the… Continue reading Lita’s Flowers