& I’ll Never Be The Same

The summer that changed my life: On my last full day, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, a bit excited, and a lot grateful.   I’ve been forced out of my shell coming to a whole other country that I knew nothing about. I didn’t speak the language (and admittedly, still don’t), and had no expectations… Continue reading & I’ll Never Be The Same


A list of things I’ve learned about Israel (and experienced) that I think are great examples for any country around the world (including my own): Universal healthcare: everyone in Israel has access to basic healthcare AND medications. Children don’t present to the emergency room with asthma attacks, for example, because their parents cannot afford medication… Continue reading #AmericaWhatYouDoing

It’s A Small World After All

Friday, July 7th, 2017 This adventure deserves it’s own post, not only because of the places I went, but also because of the people I met. Up bright and early 7am Friday morning to embark on a full day of touring. First stop: Masada. This archeological gem includes the remains of a fortress built during… Continue reading It’s A Small World After All

The Day I Became the Feds

June 22, 2017 One of my most exciting days so far has been the day I became...the Feds. As I’ve been shadowing the various departments of the District Health Office, I’ve gotten to see and learn a little bit about everything. I’ve sat through some meetings, done some clinic visits, and had plenty conversations with… Continue reading The Day I Became the Feds

La Familia

If you follow me on any social media sites you’d know by now that my amazing family travelled all the way across the globe to give little ol’ me a visit! Even though I was only able to spend a weekend with them, it meant absolutely everything to me. The moment I told them I… Continue reading La Familia

A Day in (and with) Israel.

June 13, 201707:30 Alarm sounds. Hits snooze. 07:45 Actually wakes up. 08:15 Catches bus to hospital. 09:25-14:30 Meets the International Masters of Public Health students (included presentations, a lunch break, and end-session wrap-up). I think this deserves a little explanation. This was the beginning of a very full day! So, in Israel there is an… Continue reading A Day in (and with) Israel.

שלום (Shalom)

June 4th- June 10th*whispers* I haven’t yet decided how I want to structure these next coming weeks on this blog, but... here I am! I’ve made it to ISRAEL!!! AAHHHHH! So excited to be here. It’s only been a week but I’ve had my share of experiences already (and they’ve all been super great and… Continue reading שלום (Shalom)