& I’ll Never Be The Same

The summer that changed my life: On my last full day, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, a bit excited, and a lot grateful.   I’ve been forced out of my shell coming to a whole other country that I knew nothing about. I didn’t speak the language (and admittedly, still don’t), and had no expectations… Continue reading & I’ll Never Be The Same


A list of things I’ve learned about Israel (and experienced) that I think are great examples for any country around the world (including my own): Universal healthcare: everyone in Israel has access to basic healthcare AND medications. Children don’t present to the emergency room with asthma attacks, for example, because their parents cannot afford medication… Continue reading #AmericaWhatYouDoing

It’s A Small World After All

Friday, July 7th, 2017 This adventure deserves it’s own post, not only because of the places I went, but also because of the people I met. Up bright and early 7am Friday morning to embark on a full day of touring. First stop: Masada. This archeological gem includes the remains of a fortress built during… Continue reading It’s A Small World After All