Lita’s Flowers

I took these pictures in my abuelita’s garden a couple months ago. And as I reflect, they remind me of something very important. In this social media age, there’s an unspoken race to have the best, do the most, and travel the world— frequently and lavishly. Along with the beautiful side of international travel— the… Continue reading Lita’s Flowers

The learning curve is STEEP…

Week 1 of 12 of my Surgery rotation:  complete. The transition from Internal Medicine (IM) to Surgery was quick, and my experiences so far in the two disciplines have been completely night and day. During my 12 weeks of IM, I was challenged to THINK (...and think again...then think more deeply...and finally think some more...)… Continue reading The learning curve is STEEP…

Interview Season– 10 Tips for the Big Day!

Whoot Whoot! Shoutout to another faithful follower of my blog (bless you 🙏🏾) who reached out and asked for advice on medical school interviews. Here go 10 tips & tricks for remaining confident on interview day & doing your very best! 1. Everything on your application is fair game. Be prepared to talk about anything you… Continue reading Interview Season– 10 Tips for the Big Day!

This Goes Out to All the Pre-Meds…

"Yeah this one right here goes out to all the pre-meds, meds Meds, meds, pre-meds, meds Yeah, go like this..." (If you didn't get that reference, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems...okay okay I'm done lol). SO! I was recently asked to do a post about (the dreaded) MCAT studying, and… Continue reading This Goes Out to All the Pre-Meds…

🌸Flashback Friday🌸

September 2013, during my sophomore year of undergrad, my mom sent a birthday card written out to “Dr. Israel Taylor”. Just barely out of my teenage years, I had no idea I’d actually make it to medical school— just a heart full of hope and the desire to achieve. 🌸 5 years later (just this… Continue reading 🌸Flashback Friday🌸

The Med School Life: Second Year Reflections

In a moment of reflection, my classmates and I speak on what our first two years of medical school were like, and what we look forward to in the years to come. Everything from where we started, to our favorite moments, and which clerkships we're most excited for in our third year. We hope this… Continue reading The Med School Life: Second Year Reflections

My feature on #WithoutTheWhiteCoat

My classmates are doing something awesome (as always) and created a platform to share the stories of some pretty cool medical students and their lives #withoutthewhitecoat. Check em out on instagram 💥 @withoutthewhitecoat & peep yours truly as the first feature 😉 Shoutout to Harris & Jason Onugha for being such incredible peers.   Peace & love (&… Continue reading My feature on #WithoutTheWhiteCoat

2018: The Year of the Sphere.

New year. New me. LOL, sorry. Wouldn't be a new year if someone didn't say it. Also...couldn't say that with a straight face. Shoot me. On a more serious note, 2017 was an incredible year. I learned to be consistent, I learned to let go, I learned how to push through time and time again… Continue reading 2018: The Year of the Sphere.

Learner by day. Dancer by night.

Last night I did something pretty fun. Most of you already know that I love love love to dance. It's probably my greatest passion outside of medicine. And at the beginning of second year, amidst all the horror stories and words of advice, I made a vow to myself that I'd pick back up on… Continue reading Learner by day. Dancer by night.

World Mental Health Day, 2017

A friend of mine once told me that true vulnerability is revealing your troubles while you have them, and not after you’ve triumphed the storm. So here goes nothing: It’s 12:25pm, and I’m barely mid-way through my Tuesday. Final exam is happening in 3 days. This lemon pepper tilapia and broccoli I made for lunch… Continue reading World Mental Health Day, 2017