Lita’s Flowers

I took these pictures in my abuelita’s garden a couple months ago. And as I reflect, they remind me of something very important. In this social media age, there’s an unspoken race to have the best, do the most, and travel the world— frequently and lavishly. Along with the beautiful side of international travel— the… Continue reading Lita’s Flowers

World Mental Health Day, 2017

A friend of mine once told me that true vulnerability is revealing your troubles while you have them, and not after you’ve triumphed the storm. So here goes nothing: It’s 12:25pm, and I’m barely mid-way through my Tuesday. Final exam is happening in 3 days. This lemon pepper tilapia and broccoli I made for lunch… Continue reading World Mental Health Day, 2017

A moment.

I’ve held myself back from writing for a little while. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been itching to write a new blog post. I’ve had the same conversations several times; however, I haven’t taken the time to actually sit my busy (and lazy) *censored* down and write. I didn’t know how or where to start,… Continue reading A moment.

“I see dead people.”

No but really, I did. And it was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. In all my 21 years of life, nothing could have prepared me for this moment. I’ll try my best not to tear up thinking about it, but I guess it doesn’t really matter if I do since you… Continue reading “I see dead people.”

Time Capsule, Pt. 1

Hey there, Israel here. A few weeks ago I read a study for class published in 1985 about the top 25 health-promoting behaviors as reported by 1000+ physicians in Maryland. Among these, eliminating cigarette smoking was the top health-promoting behavior and taking vitamin supplements came in last (say what). When I perused the list (I’ll… Continue reading Time Capsule, Pt. 1

I cried…

...yesterday before class. I cried today before class. Both for the same reason; different men. Different black men, with the same fate. Yesterday, I woke up to what I thought would be another normal day. I get on Instagram per usual, and see the #AltonSterling pictures all down my timeline…and then I saw why. The… Continue reading I cried…


They say two ain’t always better than one… …but in this case, I’m hoping it is. I’m knowing it is. At least for me.   I’m sitting in bed, on the fourth of July, feeling rather introspective. And I didn’t know when my next blog post was coming, so I’m deciding to take advantage of… Continue reading DOUBLE TROUBLE